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24 Aug 2018

Women’s Gear Night

Women’s Riding Gear Night

Come join us on September 7th or 8th, 2018
At Imperial Motorcycles

Come in and see some of the latest in women’s riding gear. We will have a selection of jackets, pants, boots and gloves to get your feedback on.
Come in, check out product and let us know what you think.
Showing time:

Friday, Sept. 7 – 5pm-7pm
Saturday, Sept 8 – 4pm-6pm
7-5707 Sidley St.
Burnaby, BC

29 Jun 2018

Guinness off the list!

I recently had the the opportunity to go to Dublin, Ireland in order to fulfill a dream. Drink a Guinness. This I did and it was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

Since I was so close, I decided to take a little week long side trip to the Isle of Man. It was the first week of June so the timing was perfect for the TT!!!!!

In all actuality, this was a trip that had been in the dreaming for 40 years and planning for 1.5 years. And now that it has happened I will go again.

There is a lot I could write here, but I will leave it at this; Make it happen, it’s not that hard. Everyone was pleasant and the atmosphere a blast. You just need to book accommodations a year in advance.

Other than that enjoy it.

Behind the Counter

9 May 2018

Club Day Training

Our “Behind the Counter” person, Andii, is a retired Motorcycle Instructor. But he still enjoys helping riders improve their skills.

Once a year he works with the Coast Riders Club to brush off the cobwebs.

Here is an overhead shot from a video one of the members shot.

If you want to to see the whole video it’s only about 5 min. long – Enjoy it Here


22 Mar 2018

The Final 15th – Bernie Ryan’s BCCH Fund Raiser

Imperial Motorcycles, one of the few sponsors that has been there since day 1. Fifteen years of support to the motorcycle community, and the community in general.”


Congratulations to Bernie and everyone who helped and attended. It appears to have been a great success.


Still number 1  Once I add the Daytona cash, I’ll be at 15 grand. That will put Bands, BBQ, Beers and Balding 2018 (my Kelowna event) at $25,000, which is ahead of last year. And #1 as well! The Daytona Party Revisited was good fun, and we need to give special thanks to all who donated prizes


Great Work Bernie!!!
8 Mar 2018

What’s In A Tune-Up?


It’s that classic question that is hard to answer with today’s motorcycles, “I need a tune-up?”


With electronic ignitions, fuel injection and an array of other electronic devices loaded on a modern motorcycle, what’s there to tune? If you look at the owner’s manual (see below) there is a Maintenance Schedule that the manufacturer suggests following to ensure that your bikes runs at optimum performance. These are scheduled based on distance traveled (Km or Miles) or an elapse of time. If you read through it, you will find it is mostly checking certain parts and/or replacing others.

So nowadays we don’t “Tune-Up” motorcycles so much as service them. The two main services we offer are a “Minor” or “Full” service.

Minor Service – Changing of all the fluids, checking the charging system, lubing and adjusting key points.

Full Service – May or may not include checking the valve adjustment (depending on vehicle mileage), checking (and usually replacing) the spark plugs and air filter and anything else required by the maintenance schedule.

All bikes require these services throughout their life, especially if you want to keep them in tip-top shape. So, if you are not sure, ask your mechanic or consult your manual to know what you need.


Sample of one page of a Maintenance Schedule.

28 Feb 2018

Kork Ballington – MotoGP Legend – Finally!

 Kork Ballington, a Two-Times DOUBLE World Champion (’78-79, 250 & 350cc Class) is to be inducted as a MotoGP Legend this year. I am surprised that it has taken this long for him to be considered. As a young rider in the 70-80’s I knew of Kork, Barry Sheene & Kenny Roberts as some of the greatest racers of the day. The fact that he was twice a double champion suggests that he should have been considered a “Legend” long ago. All I can say is it is about time.

Andii, Behind the counter.


“I am overwhelmed and spent the day reflecting on my journey since as a young boy I was gripped by the desire to become intimate with motorcycles and embarked on the incredible journey which still affects all aspects of my life to this day in such a positive way,” says Ballington. “To join the elite group already on the list is such an honour. I am deeply humbled that I am to become one of them. Throughout my career I never expected or made it a goal to become recognized. My focus was just on giving the best account of myself while honouring the true values of sportsmanship and respect for fellow competitors and those members of the GP fraternity who followed the values. Recognition became a by-product of success and this recognition of my achievements has followed me to this day.”

Kork Ballington


Read more here!

27 Feb 2018

Yamaha History from 1955


Spring is almost here. We should all be getting itchy to ride. While we’re waiting let’s enjoy this History of Yamaha video.

History of Yamaha

21 Feb 2018

World Supers Starts this Weekend – Feb 23

Jake Gagne Joins Honda World Superbike Team for 2018.

Yes, the World Superbike Series takes of this weekend at Australia. Now that racing has started, us rising won’t be far behind. Let’s get ready for the fun and action.

New 2018 Gear is Here!!!

Come in and see what is new for 2018.

We are getting new product in weekly. With the new riding season working its way here, now is the time to consider your riding gear purchases. GOOD DEALS on older stock to get you ready for riding.




Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Jacket:

The Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket is is an all weather solution for riders looking for a multi-season touring jacket. A technical textile shell is bonded with a waterproof Drystar membrane to keep you dry in the harshest riding conditions. CE certified armor is included at the shoulders and elbows with the option to add chest and back protection to give you 360 degree protection. Mate this jacket to a pair of Alpinestars Andes Pants to create a riding suit that will get you to Peru and back.





Alpinestars Radon Boot:

The Alpinestars Radon Drystars Boots were designed to take you as far as you want to go, and never hold you back. Striking a balance between long-range comfort and protection, the Radon Boots use laminate material technology to achieve formidable protection while maintaining a lightweight construction. Low weight helps minimize fatigue and maximize walkability, while the trustworthy Drystar membrane ensures you can ride through whatever weather you might encounter on the road.







ZOX Z-Mod Modular Helmet:

The Z-MOD10 is a premium lightweight modular helmet with SVS (Sun Visor System), a quick release chin strap buckle, a superior liner for maximum comfort, a MAX VISION® optically correct anti-scratch visor and also includes a PINLOCK® Anti-Fog insert lens.

11 Jan 2018

Around the World on a Motorcycle – The First Person


An Interesting Read;

First Motorcyclist to Ride Around the World 1912-1913

I recently came across this story; Carl Stearns Clancy, Motorcycle Adventurer. Since I am a bit of a fan of motorcycle adventure stories, I had to give this one a go. I’ve read a few books about the early days of motorcycling and it always amazes me what these Adventurers accomplished. Mr. Clancy was the first rider to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle. In 1912-13.

It is an interesting story about the state of travelling, the adventurist spirit and of the times (Social & political, Just prior to The Great War). While Clancy did not actually ride the entire way, as it was impossible back then, he still managed to accomplish quite a feat. Not only did he have to deal with the motorcycle technology of the day he had to secure fuel, food, transport, survive in foreign lands and work, for that is how he partially paid for this adventure. This book is his words as written for magazines and papers of the day.

For anyone who rides long distance or tours, this read really puts into perspective how easy it is nowadays to pursue the same passion as Mr.Clancy which make his accomplishment all the more amazing. I wonder if any of us could even come close to what he did in that time.

A very interesting read for any rider.

Behind the counter