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20 Jul 2017

Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum

On Canada Day several of us did an over-nighter to Salmon Arm, BC. We took Sea-to-sky, Lillooet and east across #1. I knew it was there. I contacted them ahead of time to confirm they would be open on Canada Day. Around 3:30 pm we rolled in.

It was everything we thought it would be and even more. The collection of bikes there is amazing when you consider the location. Rare bikes from the turn of the previous century: Scott, BSA, H-D, Pearce-Arrow are just a few of what is on display.

There are Japanese, European and American machines. Some historically important race bikes as well. Per Riba’s 1990 (date ?) CBR600 World Supersport ride as well as an ex-Goodfellow GSXR WSBK.

The cafe next door (run by the owner’s wife) makes excellent pie.

My personal favorite part is the gift shop next to the museum. All sorts of collectibles are in stock; shirts, books & magazines, die-cast models (my weakness) and other bike-related goods.

If you are in the neighbourhood or are looking for a destination to ride to, I definately recommend checking out Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum.

If just for the pie and a chance to glam on some cool bikes, check it out.

Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum

20 Jul 2017

California Bound

Recently a couple of our regulars rode down to California. Here is a little snippet.


“Here’s a couple of pics of my trip with Al to Monterey, California earlier this month for the World Superbike races at Laguna Seca.  Al was riding his BMW R1100S and I was aboard my Triumph Tiger 1050.  Great trip, some amazing roads in California and Oregon but we also were denied a couple of favoured routes due to snow in the Sierras and spent a few hours in 42 degree C heat in the Central Valley.
Here’s a pic of both bikes on Highway 97 in northern California, Mount Shasta (14,179 feet)
in the background. “
   Steve, July, 2017
20 Jul 2017

Daily Special

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15 Jun 2017

Riding the Southwest

Hi Andii,

Here’s a picture of Scott and I standing on the edge of the Schaffer Trail in Utah. We did a lot of back country riding down there as well as the typical, blacktop, tourista spots, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, etc. We took a lot of pictures with your t-shirts on but this is probably the best one where you can clearly read “Imperial Motorcycles”. The other pics had lots of scenery but you can’t really make out what the t-shirts say….trade-off…t-shirts over scenery!

 I bought a pair of Garne Dual Sport boots that worked flawlessly. We encountered a severe storm in Utah, flash flood style, for several hours and my feet were completely dry when we finally made it to Rock Springs; my hands, with the summer gloves, were soaked though!. The Shoei DS helmet was fabulous too. Anyway, we had a phenomenal trip and saw parts of the USA that not many people get to see. All back roads were planned by Scott, so if you need a tour guide of the Nevada, Utah, Colorado back country give Scott a call!!
Thanks again for your fine service and best regards,



21 Mar 2017

Rider Magazine – Effie’s Great Adventure


Rider Magazine has a great article on some interesting motorcycle history



Effie’s Great Adventure–
First Women to Ride Cross-Country

David V. Herlithy
August 04, 2015

“I got a lot of non-family discouragement,” Effie recalled in her memoir. “Decent roads would be non-existent for most of the way; there would be deserts to cross, high mountains to climb, lack of water, no repair shop, no this and no that. Some things there would be, such as wild animals, wilder Indians, probably floods, maybe cyclones and other offhand acts of God; until it began to sound so interesting I would not have missed it for the world.”…

Read the whole article here

18 Mar 2017

Best Western Likes Bikes


Finally, a hotel chain realizes that motorcycle riders are a big part of their business and they actively promote riding. Check out Best Western Hotels “Explore North America” website. Not only do they give you routes and blogger posts, but you can book BW hotels on the site. Cool!

Here is another website designed to make finding accommodations easier. Bike-Stay is more of a world-wide directory of places to stay in the region you choose. They list accommodations and “Motorcycle Friendly” places as well as “Distances to..” guides.

Like many sites like this, it may be limited to registered businesses, but if you don’t have the resources, its a good place to start.

I’ve written a few pieces about planning rides and the tools to use. You can see them here titled “The Ride – Find Your Destination.

All of these things are good tools to plan your next ride.

Behind the counter

8 Mar 2017

Peter O; 1936 – 2017, Rest In Peace

Peter Oechsler:  1936 (?) – Feb 19, 2017

The North Shore Time Travellers Motorcycle Club is sad to report that Peter passed away at Lionsgate Hospital following a medical emergency while snowshoeing. Peter was a Club Member and one of our regular riding buddies. Our rides won’t be the same without his quirky sense of humour, stories and unique take on all things. A real “Trooper” to the very end, Peter will be missed.

Imperial Note:

Peter O. was our customer since 2005. It was always a pleasure to meet with him. Through his many adventures, we enjoyed the stories. He was the kind of person that we never hesitated to go out of our way to help. He was unassuming but very venturous in his life, living it the only way he knew how. We shall always remember him for the kind person he was.

25 Jan 2017

Evolution of the Cafe’ Racer – test your knowledge


So you think you know allot about motorcycles?

Test your knowledge of the origins of the cafe racer.


Evolution of the Cafe Racer

15 Dec 2016

A Big Blast From the Past

Please not the number of exhaust pipes and the expansion chambers. This is not your typical Dirt track racing machine

“Kenny Roberts twists the throttle on the infamous Yamaha TZ750 flat tracker during practice for the Syracuse Mile round of the AMA Camel Pro Flat Track Series in September of 1975. The first event after his legendary win on the Indy Mile on August 23, 1975, The King didn’t have the luck at Syracuse that took him to the front in the last few feet of the main at Indy some 14 days earlier. ”

Taken from Stu’s Shots R Us

2 Nov 2016

The Ride – Find Your Destination Part3

Part 3 offers ideas and preparations for that trip you’ve planned. Since the previous post – Part 2 – I’ve come across another reference for planning; Butler Maps is similar to Destination Highways, but in map form only. What they do offer is “Road” maps and “Back Country” maps of the US.

Once you’ve planned to ride, Other questions to ask are;

  • Am I doing a loop or staying in one location?
  • Am I camping, Hotel or renting a temporary accommodation – house or condo?
  • How long am I going?
  • What time of year is it and what geographical regions am I riding?

This last one is important when considering weather and temperature. Check forecasts a few days prior to leaving.
I recently rode to Bend, OR in mid September. The days were sunny and mid-high 20’s, but the morning were around 5 degrees C. In fact the morning we left it was +1. Regular riding gear didn’t cut it for most of us.

Answering these questions will determine a few things to make the trip that much more enjoyable. What do you need to bring vs. what do you want to bring. How much distance will you travel on any given day. Do you and your bike have the requirements to make the trip** (see page bottom).

Adding a few bits of extra kit can help. Rain gear packs small and goes a long way to keeping you, not just dry, but warm. A thick pair of gloves are easy to bring. Electrically heated things like grips, vest or gloves are amazing.

Staying in one spot can also reduce the amount of stuff you need to bring along. With the addition of knowing you’ll be going home (your temporary accommodations) at the end of the day.

All these along with a little bit of extra preparation make for a wonderful trip.

Below: Great friends, a nice location and motorcycles made for a fun trip. Bend, OR.

** Your requirements: Are you physically in shape for the type of ride you’re doing? Injuries, being tired or other health issues can make for a hard ride. Be healthy and alert for the ride. A little bit of physical training before and during can give you more saddle stamina.

Bike requirements: Does it need any service? Will your tires do the distance? When was your last oil & filter change? Brakes? The list can go on.
Have it checked a month or so in advance, especially if you’re not sure. Tell your shop that you are planning a trip, they can make recommendations. Don’t wait till the day or even week before a long trip. It may ruin your vacation.