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5 Feb 2013

Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

  • Make sure drivers know you exist by staying out of their blind spots, being predictable, and slowing down.  Don’t surprise drivers by speeding and suddenly “appearing out of no where”
  • Wear a white or bright helmet. White helmets are more visible than darker ones.
  • Dress in bright or reflective clothing so others can see you. Invest in protection from head to toe including leather and/or Kevlar garments.
  • Try not to stop in the middle of the lane when the traffic flow is slowing or stopping; stay to either side to allow for an escape route in case the vehicle behind fails to stop in time.
  • Try to surround yourself with space when driving.  The more space, the better.  This way you will stay out of drivers blind spots.
  • Check your turn signals often and make sure they have cancelled after you’ve completed your turn
  • Never get in a position where you’re between a car and an off-ramp.  Vehicle drivers often decide to cut across at the last second after not paying attention.  Ensure you are in the left lane when approaching off ramps or at least make sure there are no vehicles to your left.
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers whenever possible.  People don’t usually hit stuff that they see.