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Battery Tenders

A staple for motorcycle owners – 1 amp battery chargers ensure optimimum battery life. It fully charge your battery then maintains the charge while the bike is not in use. Leave it hooked up for 6 months or more if needed!

Motorcycle Covers

We carry both water resistant and waterproof bike covers.
Covers starting at $46.95 depending on model and size.

Motorcycle Top Cases

Universal or bike specific hard cases for luggage.
Brands include Givi, Kappa and Shad among others.

Motorcycle Cargo Net

We have Cargo Nets – A must-have for every rider.
15″ x 15″. – 2″ x 2″ mesh.
Comfort hooks to reduce scratching.
Sub hook allows for net tightening and adjustments.

Motorcycle Locks

Small, medium & large sizes.
Disk locks & chain locks.
Varying sizes and prices.

Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

For most make & model.
Call for price and availability today!

Carb Clean / Fuel Injection Cleaning

Stop by for the latest in ultra-sonic cleaning. Prices may vary.
Get ahead of the rush! Environmentally friendly and gets your bike running like new!
Call for pricing today!

K & N Motorcycle Filters & Cleaning Kits

we stock a variety of K & N filters and if we don’t have one for your bike we can order it in.
Provides improved performance and cost saving.
Filters starting at $49.95 depending on application.

Lubrications & Cleaning Products

We stock a selection of lubrication and cleaning products for your bike
4ST & 2ST Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Engine Coolant, Brake Fluid, Carb Cleaners, Polishes and Waxes, whatever you need.

Motorcycle Hard Parts

We stock quality brakepads, chains, sprockets, batteries, spark plugs, mirrors, levers, OEM replacement parts.
Call us for more information or visit our showroom.